June 20th, 2008

I Believe

Methotrexate begins...

9:00 took Methotrexate. I had eaten a big dinner so thought it was better to do this after dinner than after a little bitty breakfast. And I might sleep off the initial side effects.

I am dizzy, as in walking across the room is very challenging. It's been several years since I've experienced that kind of vertigo. And nauseated.

The patient education page I looked at suggests eating toast to combat nausea. Amazingly, it seems to help the churning stomach. It also says the dose can be divided into three tablets taken every 12 hours. I will be doing this next week. It worked nicely with Topamax for the first three months or so. It may help me with this.

I really hope I can sleep tonight. I'm feeling mighty restless. But here I go to try.

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I Believe

morning update post-Methotrexate

Dizziness is better. Getting ready to head to the new doctor. If toast can do that, toast should become part of my medication routine. LOL! I actually slept sort of good except for some extremely vivid dreams which seem to be characteristic of my sleep lately.

Doctor, McGriddle, and a walk through camp meeting routes to make sure they are navigable. People are already arriving, so some good distraction practice should be had as well. More later.

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