July 28th, 2008

I Believe

made it to Greek

I'm sitting in my Greek classroom. Yesterday when we did routes, the classroom building wasn't open, so we couldn't do the inside part. I had to wing it. Loretta made it from the seminary building over to the undergrad building where the Greek class is held with no problems. We had some difficulty finding the right room--the person who gave me directions didn't tell me there was a room in the corner of the intersecting hallway that we would encounter if we went too far. I found it, and the room number said 153 instead of 166. That threw me way off, and I tried to explore the whole rest of the building. I eventually went back to the outside door and just took some thinking time. The custodian had offered me some help, but I thought that since there were braille numbers on the doors it would just be a matter of locating the right one.

I'm pleasantly surprised to find that the chairs are like little baby school chairs: they have little baby table tops attached. (Guess they don't want anyone running off with the table tops.) They're just a good size for my baby laptop and baby braille display--it's a good thing such things exist! What I'll do when I lug out my honking big braille book I don't know. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

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I Believe

class update and Loretta's work

Loretta took a tour of campus during our break. I know what she did and I need to fix it tomorrow. Also need to troubleshoot all the people wanting to greet her and say it's ok when she greets them back. It may be fine with them, but it isn't fine with me. I need her attention on her work very seriously, and she is very "people happy." It's sort of like having a person working a reception job who loves to chit chat about fashion. If someone comes in wearing a gorgeous dress and the phone is ringing, the receptionist still has to answer the phone regardless of how badly she wants to know where the person got that dress. It's not ok for her to slack off, even if it is "her nature."

So the result of the detour is that I was several minutes late to class after the break. My professor was nice, and I had warned him about this ahead of time. But I really don't like this, and it isn't the kind of standard I want to hold myself to. Things can be a lot better.

I managed to write the Greek alphabet for the most part. There are some minor challenges, as there were with Hebrew. Dr. Shively is not familiar with the Logos Biblical Keyboard; so I am going to have to do some work before I can display this stuff and test this out. Again he is being very patient with me. We will have a learning curve, and that is fine. I'm not too worried about it since I've been through the process with Hebrew. It will just be a bit tedious.

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I Believe


I have conquered the Greek keyboard! Now to memorize it...

The rehab meeting went very well. It now just says "college professor" for my career goal. That will work just fine. This year I'll concentrate on finishing up my required academic work. CPE will remain at the end, and then I will spend the following year working on the GRE and Ph.D. apps. I'm also hoping to do the ordination thing while all this is going on. That could take longer than two years, but we will deal with extra time when we get there. I can get started now, and that is also on the plate this month.

For the rest of the evening... Looking over the Greek assignment that is due on Wednesday and scanning a little bitty book over which we have a quiz tomorrow. A little sermon work possibly, though I may do that tomorrow when I am not thinking about so much fresh Greek and meeting stuff...

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