August 2nd, 2008

I Believe

Feeling the call to ministry?

I have wrestled since starting seminary with defining my "call to the ministry." It is something that everyone is asked to do when entering seminary, and it is often very difficult. Like everyone else, I tried to identify some mold that I fit into, some place where I was "called" to serve.

I'm not sure that was the point. Certainly there is a point to finding my area of giftedness and things that are practical issues in limiting what I can and cannot do. Someone who is tone deaf is likely not called to music ministry. It won't likely do for me to try to work in missions since I am dependent on American insurance and 15 medications. But there are a number of things I CAN do; and limiting myself based on what I had done in the past or what I knew I enjoyed wasn't working.

I've had a sort of revolution in my thinking. I wrote it out in answer to someone's question on the Church of God email list.

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