September 12th, 2008

I Believe

hurricane thoughts

As I follow the Ike coverage, I once again go back in my mind to my childhood and adolescent years. It is an easy thing to think that perhaps Ike should be weatherable--my dad weathered Alicia in 1983. But that was a small storm in terms of how far the wind spread out. Carla in 1961</a> in 1961 was a bigger storm, more similar to the recent storms with widespread impact and great storm surge. The physical size of the storm makes a difference in how much water is pumped into it, especially for residents of bay areas. How much rain an area has already had makes a difference in how the trees will weather the storm. And all the debris kicked up by the storm can become projectile. One of the reasons I moved away from Florida was the constant evacuations. Even if I can make it in the house without electricity, my dog needs to go out; and it isn't necessarily safe to go out or to send her out into a yard--the fence may not hold. Evacuation orders were things I would need to be able to heed, if not for myself then for her.

I have to be cautious about how much coverage I follow. This brings back a lot of Texas and Florida memories.

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