November 4th, 2008

I Believe

more notes on the Acer

The Acer did a fantastic job on my outing last night! For one thing, it does fit nicely in "the perfect purse," which is a mid-size purse. It is the wrong color for winter but better for distributing the weight of my gadgets so that I don't have too much shoulder tension from just carrying four pounds. That makes for a heavy purse, but some people do this with their wallet, camera, etc... So I will now be equipped for scribbling wherever I go. Considering my propensity to forget everything I hear (thank you meds), this is very good.

On a six-cell battery, I got about five and a half hours of battery life without wireless running. For those who care, this machine does not appear to have bluetooth. This means no wireless braille display; but the display will work on USB. I had to fix the graphics card one more time--yet another problem I've had with the ThinkPad. Eventually the settings do hold. I ran the machine fairly hard--I spent about half the night editing some audio files, which means the hard drive was almost constantly spinning. This will eat up some battery life. I also discovered that the machine has a pretty decent internal mic. If I'm ever stuck without my Olympus, it will probably do a passable job.

I did find a nine-cell battery that supposedly goes with this machine. We'll see if that claim is actually true when it arrives and how much more life it gives me. And today I'll see if I can get it online at school.

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I Believe

more Acer stuff

I really will get off the Acer craze soon, but not just yet...

I bought a memory foam case for the Acer, and it arrived today. The reviews were rather negative, complaining about lack of space in the front pocket for externals when carrying the charger. One said, "I don't even think I could get a flash drive in here."

I really don't know what these people are talking about! I slipped my Brailliant 24 in the pocket, and it fit perfectly. It is about 3" x 7". There is at least another 3" x 7" in that pocket. So a charger and cable fill up a 6" x 7" pocket and don't leave room for a flash drive??? I anticipate being able to carry another battery--or the charger. But maybe I just have good packing skills. (On second look, the person has an ethernet cable in there with the charger and cable, but it must be a big ethernet cable.

Here it is on

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