November 5th, 2008

I Believe

election thoughts

I don't talk about my voting preferences much during the election campaign. I have finally put my finger on the reasons why--and there are more than one. For one thing, we cast secret ballots on election day--unless, of course, you have a disability that requires you to have assistance and you don't get an accessible voting machine. I'd like to be able to cast a truly secret ballot... My ballot isn't secret if I've announced to the world my voting preference.

Having said that, I understand the value of hashing out matters in familiar circles, and I did find it useful to talk about things that influenced my voting preferences with people I trust. The problem, of course, occurred when I revealed my preference for a particular candidate and got an extremely negative reaction from my friend or family member and then found it necessary to fight off the feeling that I'm supposed to vote as they do. The point of democracy is that we don't all agree and that is ok. If we were all supposed to vote the same, we may as well have a dictator.

It is fascinating to me to watch the numbers in Indiana. It is fascinating because I am aware that Indiana has been very conservative for quite a while. I have watched some of those conservative people begin to change their minds, and I understand the reasons why. It is not enough to "be a Christian." Christians have disagreements. But more importantly, the candidate platform is loaded with issues that conflict for some Christians. What is more important: saving unborn babies via legislation or caring for the many, many people who don't have their basic needs met? (And some of those unborn babies would be born into those situations. So what becomes of them at that point?) It is a very complex question (and really only one example of such a question) that local churchgoers are wrestling with.

So I am intrigued by the historic change in Indiana's voting pattern. It indicates something about the concerns facing people here.

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