November 6th, 2008

I Believe

reaction to a post on the election

For a few weeks, I've been reading the blog of Ben Witherington, a New Testament professor at Asbury University. Behind the cut is my reaction to his latest post, in which he reprints a friend's post about the election results and reactions. If your faith background is different from mine, please note that my comments are directed toward the church. You're welcome to read if you wish.

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I Believe

today's Acer update and happenings

Today I took the Acer to class. In the front pocket of the case, I had a USB cable, a pair of ear buds, my card reader, and the Brailliant 24. The case was not overpacked.

I'm still tweaking things and playing with the battery life. There seem to be some memory-intensive programs in the start-up, and when I disable them I get better battery life. For example, why do I need WinDVD running when the thing has no optical drive? There's also something called launch manager. I'm not sure what this does yet, but I'll be researching it. I don't need to run Skype at all times... So we will see what happens next time I power it up.

I applied for August graduation this morning. Wow!

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