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a positive interaction

Yesterday afternoon the student I had that argument with came into my room. "It's a bad day," she said. I asked what was wrong. She began to tell me how she was afraid that God was letting her down. She is under tremendous financial pressure, and her mother is under even greater pressure. "People keep telling me how they trusted God and were never late on a payment, but I have been late on every one. I try to trust God, but it's hard to trust Him when He doesn't provide. I am kind of angry. There's no one I can talk to. You're the only one who understands, even though you don't."

Well, I was absolutely amazed! This is the same girl who told me three weeks ago that she could not trust me! Why was she coming to me, and what answer did I have for her? None. All I could do was to tell her that I understood how easily she could question.

"People have told me about healings they have seen, and I have even seen a healing, but that doesn't help me. I am not healed, and I don't know that I will be. All those stories don't help me to deal with my life the way it is."

She was also worried because she has to teach a junior high Sunday school class in two weeks, and she doesn't know what she will say.

I reminded her of Gloria's lesson on death and that she had said that sometimes she might need to be ministered to.

"That kind of ministered to me," she said.


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