May 27th, 2009

I Believe

quick check-in

Just a brief check-in entry. I am mired in writing a huge monograph about the history of Anderson University--more appropriately, the history of controversies between Anderson and the church--to be published online. I will also be presenting my research at our annual convention on June 30. I am also trying to keep up with laundry (and not doing well) and review last year's Greek in preparation for 2nd year Greek, which starts on Monday. Internship at the church also starts next week. I am feeling slightly more overloaded than I expected to feel right now, but it is not a bad overload. It is just a matter of time management.

Thanks to those who have added me and kept me around. I will learn how to fit LJ back into my schedule... I may need to do a few cuts. If you have a history of back and forth comments or you recently added me, don't worry... If you tend to post primarily memes but you do read me and want to keep on doing so, please comment and let me know you are reading. This is important.

Entry to follow about my birthday, which was on Sunday. I was very pleasantly surprised!

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