March 28th, 2011

I Believe

the kitchen meme

1. What is your favorite kitchen tool?
I've never thought in terms of a favorite tool... I have a particular knife that I use because it is easy on my hands. I also have a veggie chopper from Pampered Chef, and it gets a fair amount of use. My favorite thing in the kitchen is probably my coffee press--I enjoy creating drinks for people.

2. What is your favorite spice, or blend of spices?
Garlic and onion, hands down, though I will pile other stuff on top. I have had to limit some spices that I used to love, and that truly breaks my heart--I used to eat a whole lot of basil and oregano.

3. Are you a "by the book" or an "Invent along the way" kind of cook?
Very much invent, though I am having to learn new ways of cooking so am going back to recipes in order to learn some basics so that I can start inventing again based on what I can eat.

4. Dishes-- do them as you go, or at the end?
It depends on the day and what I am making and how I'm feeling.

5. Why do you cook?
Any number of reasons. I love to cook for other people, but I don't get the opportunity much. Right now my cooking is very much about feeding myself, and it is depressing.

6. What is your favorite condiment?
Bbq sauce is probably the only one left that I can still eat, and this in extreme moderation. I used to love mustard and Worcestershire sauce; and my favorite thing was to make recipes that allowed me to mix them.

7. Do you cook sweet or savory things?
Both! And I love to do big meals that allow me to serve everything!

8. Which cuisine is your favorite to cook?
I really don't have a favorite. Most of my recipes are midwestern, down-home cooking; but I like to do different things. I grew up in Houston, so I like spice. Give me chili with beans! My niece loves my burritos; and I have a reasonably good home-made spaghetti. I would love to learn to cook Chinese at some point--if I could still eat any of it.

9. Electronic gadgets, or elbow grease?
Elbow grease. Electronic when I'm in too much pain.

10. Is your kitchen organized, or cluttered?
Mostly organized, though I have a very tiny kitchen.

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