April 7th, 2011

I Believe

allergy relief product review

Stage 2 has begun in my allergy cleaning frenzy. I attacked the house with Allersearch ADMS Anti-Allergen Dust Mite Spray. This comes in a round 32-oz bottle with a sprayer. The sprayer is detached when it arrives; and I just unscrewed the cap, put the sprayer in, and screwed its top on. I have a lot of places to work on in terms of dust in this house, so this will be a long process. I am impressed with the initial work.

My top dust annoyances are my Yamaha keyboard and the top of my Juliet braille embosser. The keyboard usually takes a fair amount of work to get the dust out of, and I have to do this every few days. I applied some of this spray to a rag and went over the keys; and it was dust-free in one treatment. Likewise after treatment of the rest of the top of the keyboard. The embosser top took a little more work; but I have never been able to get the dust off the top of the case, and it is now dust-free. (I would not go near the electronic parts of the machine with this stuff, ever.)

It seems to be doing nicely on desktops and the mantle. What remains: windowsills. I will also give it a try on my mattress pad before putting on clean sheets. I have another product to try today: allergen-removing laundry detergent. I'll post about that separately--I haven't kicked the cats off the bed yet.

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