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a Valentine card

I got the sweetest card from Kevin yesterday. Here's what it said.

Our friendship's very dear to me. 
It means more every year. 
For you're such special company. 
Life sparkles when you're near. 
I trust you and depend on you. 
I always call you first. 
It's a joy to share the best with you, 
And it helps to share the worst. 
Our friendship's very dear to me, 
A living, growing part 
Of the happy things I treasure so 
And keep within my heart. 

Happy Valentine's Day.

Your friend,

Sarah, I thought this might reassure you that I care very deeply for our friendship, one that has lasted, though not extremely close, through the years. May God bless our friendship and strengthen it for years to come. I pray that it will stand the test of time.

I have to say that I was touched. I have received many blessings this week without deserving them or asking for them.

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