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thoughts on staying one more year

Today in my Christian ministries class our president, James Edwards, was the guest speaker. He told us about a church in Columbus, Ohio, where he pastored for several years. While he was there, the people really started to get a vision for the church, and today it is much bigger than it was when he went there. I did my biographical report on Mike, and something he said stands out in my mind.

When he went to college, he planned to be an architect. Instead of transferring like he wanted to do, he stayed one more year (kind of like someone else you know.) "During my senior year," he told me, "I realized that designing churches would be a good thing to do, but God has already designed the church, and He needs people who will build lives."

I would like to build lives. I don't want to teach so that I can build academics. I want to build strength and character. And things are saying, "Stay one more year," to me. Mr. Edwards experienced a conflict with a board member in that church, and he almost left. But he stayed one more year, and things started to happen. I have thought of a couple of ideas I could try, but I have to talk to my dad over spring break. There will be some serious discussion that week.


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