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ice storm

On March 13, classes were cancelled because we had a bad ice storm the night before. We didn't have any electricity or phones.

"The water company lost their power, so we lost our water. Most people left school, and classes were cancelled for three days. I rode with Kathleen, my R.A., to Perrysburg, Ohio. That drive usually takes about three and a half hours.

"We left Wednesday night at 7:00. After about 30 minutes we hit an icy place and ran off the road and got stuck in snow and mud. Kathleen had this great idea that I push on the gas while she pushed the car out. Well, even though driving her car sounded thrilling, I said I didn't think I should do that. So there we were out in the middle of nowhere and stuck. This guy pulled over, and I got nervous. But he just pushed us out.

"We stopped at the next gas station and called her parents. They said to call them back in ten minutes. While we were waiting some other people from school who were going the same way came in. So we followed them. We got to Perrysburg at 1:00 A.M. and I went to my aunt Gayle's house."

And now I will quit quoting for a minute. On Thursday I saw my aunt's store. She was opening Saturday. I thought it was so neat how this whole thing worked out. I had wanted to be there for her opening day, and I had been supposed to go to Chicago this weekend. So I did get to see the store even though I did not end up getting back for the opening.

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