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thoughts on my spiritual life

Well, I got to see my dad in less than eight days because the whole family came up for my grandfather's funeral.

I wasn't exactly in a funeral mood today, when we were sitting there waiting for it to start I started writing a new song. Last night I was really depressed when I went to prayer meeting, so I asked for prayer. I was feeling really lonely, and that made it very hard to worship and pray. Today wasn't much better. But sitting there in the funeral home a line just came to me: "Help me find time to pray before I face this day." In five minutes I had a chorus.

Last week I was fast friends with God. After I met with Angi, Greg, Dana, Mindy, and Julie on Friday night, I wrote to Him. Then I was too busy on Saturday. I was too depressed until yesterday, even though I went to prayer group every day. By last night I was almost an emotional wreck. I realized that without praying before I start the day, I have no strength. I started writing my prayers because if I didn't do that, I would pray half-heartedly or not at all. So I wrote that chorus. That's all I have so far.


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