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ranting about the legal system and articles in the paper

I just came back from the singles' meeting at the Loys' house. Beck, Kevin, and I were the only ones there. Lorna showed us an article about Kevin that was in last Wednesday's paper. She said it made her angry that they had reported so many things wrong. It made me angry, too, Lord. Although Kevin said it doesn't affect him, I am sure it does.

I realize that it's hard to give someone his right when he is a suspect; but we have to see that whether or not the defendant committed the crime, whether or not the crime was committed intentionally, whether or not the defendant is convicted, he is still a person. He still has the right to privacy, dignity, and fairness. Misreporting on a trial is none of these. Kevin's dignity and privacy were stripped from him the moment the press found out about the charge. He can't cry out of frustration or fear in front of anyone. He can't smile--smiling communicates guilt. He can't talk about his feelings because that would only hurt his defense.

People have read this article and formed opinions about Kevin based on lies. That is not fair. I hope and pray that none of them is on the jury if Kevin goes back to trial. I don't even know if any impartial people exist.


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