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Granny's service and ramblings on habits picked up from family

I can hardly believe how many people came to Granny's visitation last night! I always knew a lot of people would, but seeing them all last night really surprised me!

Rebecca Daniel hugged me and told me she was praying for us as she was leaving. She is such a sweet girl! That really touched me.

Monday night when Mike was reading the part of my journal I want to read tonight, he and Cheryl kept saying, "That sounds just like Granny!" I've been complaining all week about picking up this habit and that habit from my mom or Cheryl or Granny, but I'm glad Granny left some of herself with me. I am amazed that I never even realized it.

But that's how Granny was. She was just herself and never made a big deal out of what she did. She never seemed concerned with whose life she affected. She was just herself.


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