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Just something to amuse me and my readers...

LJ Interests meme results

  1. child psychology:
    Hmm... Well, I'm interested in mental health issues affecting children, especially children with disabilities and chronic health conditions.
  2. dbt:
    DBT is short for dialectical behavior therapy, a wonder therapy that really helped me get a handle on coping with some aspects of life and become more able to function in daily life after a major breakdown.
  3. eleanor craig:
    She's a special education teacher who has written some books about some of her teaching experiences. They're very entertaining but also thought-provoking. If you like Torey Hayden, you'll like her too.
  4. healing:
    Emotional/spiritual healing as well as physical healings as in the Biblical type... Ever seen/experienced one?
  5. left behind series:
    I've read all the adult books and am working on the kids series. There are inconsistencies between the two. I have mixed feelings about the theology.
  6. neurobiology:
    I'm primarily interested in epilepsy and disorders that mimic it, mood disorders, and the biological aspects of temperament.
  7. premature birth:
    I was a preemie and am interested in the long-term impact of premature birth on physical and mental health of the person.
  8. self:
    Self, as in development of self-concept, self-esteem, etc.
  9. support groups:
    I moderate several online support groups, and I think they are as valuable as therapy.
  10. youth ministry:
    I love teens and young adults, and I'd really like to focus my work and ministry someday with teens with disabilities and other special needs.

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