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God's plans to prosper me

When I first prayed about healing, I was trying to create the right attitude in myself. I wasn't willing to unveil my confusion before Him because I knew what He wanted from me. Instead of struggling, I should have come to Him openly and allowed Him to change my heart and faith. When He says He knows our needs, that doesn't just mean He knows our physical and emotional needs. Above all else, He knows our spiritual needs, and He will certainly help our unbelief or our mixed up priorities...

He also says, "I know the plans I have for you..." I need only to surrender my heart and life to Him so that He can show me those plans. There is more about those plans. I think it says something to the effect of "plans to prosper you ..." I don't always look at the word "prosper" in the same way He does. In this culture, its surface meaning is success, lots of money,good health... Beneath the surface, it is spiritual maturity and a close, active relationship with our Father. It means experiencing His love in completeness.

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