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morning report

For my own benefit mostly, this is a report on the morning and a pat on the back about yesterday.

I've been up for an hour. The morning meds are done and the dog is fed. (That's so I don't forget that I did it. The cats have had their morning pets, and I had to apologize for stepping on Sable's tail. (She didn't want the apology, but I needed it!) Oh, I made the bed, too. And all this BEFORE checking email or LJs--I'm hoping to start a new routine. Actually, I hope to have doing dishes out of that routine eventually because that will be part of an end-of-day routine.

Yesterday was one LONG day. I put away three loads of clean laundry and washed my bedding and the animals' bedding. C was here in the evening, and I watched a little bit of TV with her. I also bothered the phone company about the bill because they kept saying my bank was declining the charge to my card. So since I've recently paid other bills with that card, I challenged it and got the payment posted. I figured my budget and was pleasantly surprised to find that I have money left over this month. I'm trying not to blow it!

One minor seizure in the morning yesterday, which the cat did not alert to. I think I missed my meds in the afternoon but am not sure.

Now taking the dog out while this posts.

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