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observing camp activities

I have been observing and volunteering a lot at the camp for visually impaired teenagers which is here for two weeks. The kids are great, and I really enjoy being with them. A lot of the kids have been asking me about Elli. The technology guy also has a dog.

On Tuesday I observed a daily living skills class. I wasn't too impressed with the way the material was presented, but that gave me a chance to think about what I would do differently. The teacher didn't seem very enthusiastic, and she didn't really encourage the kids to participate. She kept saying, "You all need to sit up." I thought, "Why not do something that would make them want to sit up?"

Today I observed a girl's mobility lesson. It was interesting to watch how she was taught. Her teacher was one of our O&M majors. The supervisor is a teacher from Austin. We walked a little way behind, and she explained everything to me. I realized that I can play a part in the O&M stuff even if I don't teach it directly. I realized that it is important to use situations in the kids' lives to help them learn concepts.

Lord, I have so much to be thankful for! I am thankful that You have led me to Chi Alpha. I am thankful that You have allowed me to get involved with the kids at the camp. I am thankful that You have always given me good teachers. I am thankful that You show me ways to do what You want me to do. I am thankful that You show me that You understand my pain.


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