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hurricane again and a bit about upcoming appointment

"We hope and pray that Hurricane Rita will not be a devastating storm, but we've got to be ready for the worst," Bush said during a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington. (

To me this sounds like the absolute silliest thing I've ever heard, right on up there with some of the statements made after the events of September 11. We must sound hopeful and "positive" now.

I've got an idea. Let's call things what they are and stop trying to fill up time with noise. How about this line, Mr. President: "I, like you, cannot believe this is happening again. We know that this storm will cause severe damage and potentially loss of life wherever is comes ashore, and we are taking xxx steps so that we will be there to help you when it is time to pick up the pieces."

Those of us who live in or have lived in hurricane-prone areas are not afraid to admit that these storms will cause damage. At least I wasn't. I didn't want people telling me they hoped and prayed Ivan wouldn't be a bad storm when I was preparing to leave. Ivan was a bad storm, period. It was heading for my area at the time, and that's what I had to go by. I left prepared to have nothing to return to. That, strangely, didn't frighten me to admit. It would have been very traumatic for me if it had come to pass, and I am very grateful that it didn't. But the effect of all that hoping and praying was just that I felt that I had to pull the wool over my own eyes and stop talking about what I knew because the hopers wanted me to be stoic. I'm not fond of doom and gloom; but stoicism just doesn't work for me. It doesn't work in any situation: not in the weather, not in terms of terrorism, not in terms of my health or disability, not in terms of finding a job... I've lived much of my life being stoic for the sake of other people's comfort--it hurts most people to realize that my situation isn't fixable, and it hurts people to realize that New Orleans is completely changed. I'm tired of being stoic. It feels like living a lie, and I need that energy for dealing with reality.

Speaking of stoicism, I have the neurologist appointment today. I probably don't need to say that I need him to be truthful with me and I don't want him to go pontificating on what could be if he doesn't know. And if he goes on about migraines again when I've only had three since sometime in May, I'm going to scream.


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