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a conversation with Elaine

This afternoon, Elaine told me that during the last two years she has had a stroke and a heart attack. We had been talking about my experiences with the Spirit and Granny's illness. I had also told her what has been going on with my eyes. She said that she has been blessed this weekend because she has few living friends who believe in the Spirit. I think that the Lord is about to call Elaine home and that one reason I was here at this time is to minister peace to her. We both noted that this is the first time we have talked about faith and God.

Three years ago, I wondered what Elaine would want me to finish that she had begun. I know now. I must continue in the faith, not quenching the Spirit, but daring to trust what God says¦-even if it seems foolish.

At the end of our conversation, I asked Elaine to tell me if she was sick so that I could come and be with her. She said she almost did the last time, but she was afraid that I would be afraid. "I will need you," she said. "I will need your hand in mine."


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