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notes on worship from SALT conference

Presenter is Gary Willmon.

Worship seriously, joyfully, and enthusiastically.

I must be in a right relationship with God and others.

I should not seek to please, conform to, or be seen by men. Praise God by responding with silent words, spoken words, singing, laughter, joy, shouting, bowing and kneeling, standing, lifting up hands, clapping, walking and leaping, and dancing. Instruments mentioned in the Bible are the harp, liar, tambourines, cymbals, trumpets, flutes, and strings.

Worship is a decision. It is not based on feelings or the influence of others. God is always worthy. Praise facilitates entrance into His presence. The goal of worship is edification.

Plan for worship, but also allow for the Spirit's leading. Model worship at all times. Teach on worship. Train a worship team. They can play, sing, pray, read Scripture, and give instruction. Keep a balance of perspectives (fast and slow).

Worship is part of the discipling process. Meet regularly. Intercede and worship while planning. Have a theme. Read related Scripture. Decide on appropriate forms of worship. Have unity among the songs.

Pray for the meeting. Be aware of people's needs. Be confident in leadership. Be a real person. Be humble but not self-conscious. Use mistakes to break the ice. Don't be afraid to instruct, explain, or be quiet. Allow time for and encourage openness of response. Be a part of worship, and be open to receiving God's ministry.


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