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why I believe what I believe

Friday I had a long talk with Julie. I learned a lot from it. The big thing I learned is that I believe the way I do because of what a "Christ figure" is to me. Julie said, "Jesus isn't the only one God speaks through." I can totally agree with that.

I started thinking about the verse where Jesus says, "No man comes to the Father but by me." What, exactly, does that mean? I had to think about it. What was Jesus' role, and how does he bring people to the Father? What I am getting is that the words "come to the Father" mean receiving forgiveness and therefore being drawn closer to God. Jesus IS the only one who ever had the authority as a person to forgive sins. He is the only one God has ever sent to die for others' sins. If I didn't believe this was the purpose of a "Christ figure," I wouldn't need to believe in Jesus.


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