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a faith-building experience

A long time ago, I wrote about getting a letter from Betty Garms. She was at my concert in 1991, and she wrote to me about "In Gethsemane". Then she was the pastor's wife in Baytown. She had leukemia and had been very sick.

I went home in the summer of 1992 and was disappointed because I didn't get to work at the summer camp in Wimberly. Betty and her family were about to leave Baytown, and the church wanted to give them a gift. Betty asked for me to come and sing. I sang, and Dad preached. Betty said that she believed God was going to heal her. That really impressed me.

I've been thinking about her a lot lately, and Sunday I thought I would try to find her. She and her husband had moved to Kerrville in 1992, and I got one letter from her after that. I didn't know if they were still there, and I didn't remember her husband's name. I called Directory Assistance, and there was one listing for Benjamin Garms. I was afraid to call because I was afraid it might be the wrong number. But I did call, and it was the right number.

Betty said that she does not need chemotherapy for her leukemia but that she is very weak and is in bed most of the time. She talked about being discouraged and thinking about her past a lot. I felt like God used me in that conversation. Betty said she wanted me to come down and sing, but she thought I was probably too busy getting married. She sounded disappointed. Lord, I would like to go there, whether I sing or not. I was so touched by that conversation with Betty! She seems to need someone to minister to her. Please lead me, Lord.


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