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church notes and observations

God is compared to a wild ox that cannot be tamed. "Can you make God mind you?"

Sometimes I get tired of waiting for healing, Lord. There are many times when I feel frustrated by my inability to participate in things. Sometimes I even feel that I am unable to worship You freely. I am tempted then to believe that You will not heal me-- sometimes I am tempted to think that You cannot do it.

You want me to be as unintimidated by the enemy as a wild animal is by me. There is a time to stand and a time to charge. How do I know the difference?

I need an anointing to operate in power. I should be seeking it. I need it to study the Word, to recognize divine appointments, to speak to and help others, and to believe God and wait for His promise.

Like a shepherd, He will lead me where the food and water are. When a lamb goes astray, the shepherd will break its leg and carry it until the wound is healed. Then it will not leave. God will cause pain in my life in this way. But He does not leave me... He will carry me until my wound is healed. Then I will not want to leave Him.

Satan gets into our minds like flies in sheep's heads. Sometimes the sheep even try to kill themselves to get rid of the flies. The shepherd "anoints" their heads with ointment that causes the flies to leave. Dwelling on thoughts that Satan brings changes me. Dwelling on thoughts that God brings also changes me.

If I have any desire to serve God, then I know that I have not committed the unpardonable sin. I need the anointing in order to be who God wants me to be.

People in Acts who needed the anointing prayed together. I need to pray and read the Word, and I need support from others. Instead of doing something to take my mind off the warfare, I need to seek the anointing.

Obedience to God is better than sacrifice. Sometimes obedience is a sacrifice.

"Sanctify yourselves; for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you." What God does tomorrow is based on today's preparation. God tests my obedience by telling me to do things that seem futile.

There are walls between me and God, walls between me and my family, and walls between me and friends. When I obey God, the walls come down.


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