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living differently without looking weird

How can I live differently without looking weird? I ask this all the time. For a few days You have been answering. In the last days there will be a great falling away. There will also be a drawing near. Now is the time I must choose which road I will take. My actions will make the decision for me. You are coming for a people who are sold out to You.

The teaching of Jesus is for believers, for people who can understand and apply it.

I enter into the kingdom of God through tribulation. (Acts 14:22) To whom do I call during my times of weakness? Where do I find my strength. The choices I make now cause me to enter the kingdom. This does not mean that I have to "do enough" to get into the kingdom. It means that I show my commitment to Christ by what I do. The kingdom is here when God is in control of my life. Life must be tested in order to be revealed. The kingdom of God is only seen under pressure.


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