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church notes on mercy

"Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy."

We do not admire mercy any more than the Jews did. We live in a world of pay-backs. My error is not knowing the Scriptures orthe power of God.

What is mercy? Showing compassion. Softening or deferring judgment. I have to show mercy before I will be shown mercy. Lord, to whom do I need to show mercy? I have to let God avenge my hurts. I show mercy by praying for others. Mercy is my pain in God's heart. It is the attitude I take when I need to correct someone--how I speak to him. Counterfeit mercy does not bring peace or repentance. It feeds my ego. True mercy humbles me and gives glory to God. It is when I put myself in someone's place. Mercy is acknowledging a problem and helping a person get right with God.

I have always thought that I am good at showing mercy. But there are times when I am not. I will probably be tested soon. Lord, help me.

I cannot extend mercy until I receive it. I must be broken about my own sin.

Three essentials to showing mercy are salvation, submission to the Lord, and suffering. Mercy heals wounds and turns suffering into joy.

I cannot bring about the promise of the Lord by my own hands. I must believe and claim what He has promised.

Mercy is shared, not earned. Get rid of barriers.

I have been worrying about my classes. I have been behind in my work, which has put me in danger of failing. I do not want to take these classes over again. If it is in Your will for me to stay here longer, Lord, then just tell me. You know that I willobey.


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