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Thoughts on being childlike

God created me for His pleasure. He knew me before I was conceived. Not one thing about me was an accident. He planned my days.

Young people have a special willingness to trust God. Lord, what is the difference between the childishness we must outgrow and the childlike faith that You want us to have?

Nathan told me once when I said that I felt small in my faith: "Little faith sees great miracles." I don't need much; just a little faith, a stubborn little faith. You use the weak and foolish because the weak and foolish have nothing without You. You use them because they yield to Your anointing.

Lord, help me to make the time to be alone with You this week so that You can strengthen me. You don't choose qualified people; You qualify the chosen. I believe that You can use me, and I want to submit to Your anointing. Qualify me, Lord, and help me to be responsible and faithful with what You give me.


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