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notes about God using ordinary people

Tonight's service is about why God uses ordinary people. I wasn't planning to go, but I feel compelled to go. Lord, if this is Your meeting place with me, then draw me and provide transportation for me.

Oil is the symbol of the power of God. Jesus is the anointed one. Those who follow Jesus will cast out devils, speak with new tongues, and lay hands on the sick (and they WILL recover). A murmuring, complaining spirit brings on an antichrist attitude. We are to show forth the praise of God. I am struggling in my internship because I am surrounded by murmuring, complaining spirits.

Where are the miracles? (2 Kings 4:6) All the vessels must be filled.

God wants dispensers. I must give away what I receive, to God and to others. I give it in my prayer and praise, in the casting out of devils, and in the laying on of my hands in the ministry of healing. People who receive and never release die even though they receive life.

I need to be here tonight. My friends can take notes for me. I can listen to the tape later. But there is a time when I am receptive to God's voice.

When I release praise, I open the way for new praise to flow through me. When I pray for someone else's healing, I open the way for God to heal me.

What makes a vessel important is not the vessel, but what's inside--the anointing. Lord, I want more of Your anointing.

Why does God use people? Everything God made by His voice has to do what He commands. But I am made for fellowship with God. His pleasure is complete when I choose to follow Him.

Satan was not given authority over the earth. Man was. Satan approached man through a creature who had no choice. Man should have exercised his authority. Today we can take the keys back. God sent Jesus as a man because man has dominion over the earth. When I yield to God, I take the keys back. Satan brings sickness and disease. Jesus heals it because he has dominion over the earth.


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