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good vs. excellent men

"All these things will be added unto you. All these things will be fulfilled in my name. I am always with you."

The Differences Between Good and Excellent Men

The passage for the sermon is 1 Chronicles 12.

Good men are excellent warriors,. They don't get knocked out of the battle easily. They are always ready for battle. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Jesus is right behind you.

The excellent men had prophetic gifts. They understood the times and knew what to do. They had undivided loyalty to the king's purpose. God's purpose is that all should be saved.

Excellent men (2 Samuel 23) are willing to stand and fight when all the odds are against them. They do not get weary. "Having done all, stand." (Ephesians 6:11) They fight against insignificant rewards. It's easy to do something for God and want a reward from man. Shamah fought for a bean field because he was supposed to. He was where the king wanted him.

Abilities make good men. The attitude of the heart makes excellent men.

David's three mighty men fought through enemy lines to get what David wanted. They were quick to discern and fulfill the needs of others. They were willing to risk all they had for others. They had pure motives. They didn't get mad when David poured the water out. They were motivated by love.


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