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my nose

I can make voice posts again... So here's an update on my nose.

I am SOOO out of the habit of voice posting! This is the third time I've recorded this; and hopefully it will be the last time because the first two times I really didn't like... Um, so that means that I just should spread my voice posts out over the month so I don't get out of the habit and don't start going, [in a high whiny voice] "I don't like how I'm doing this."

Anyway... Um, first a little update on my nose... Um, This is much more fun to do with voice posting because you can actually HEAR the update on my nose. [laughs] Um, it's sort of better and sort of not quite yet. I've been using this stuff that my doctor recommended called Afren. You're only supposed to use it three days at a time. So I used it last week for about three days, and then I skipped a few days, and now I've been doing it again, and this is day 3 and that means I have to stop. So, my nose is ... the end of my nose is very raw because I've been blowing and blowing and blowing, sometimes with some success and sometimes not. ZSo, um, I have some macadamia nut oil that I use for making lotions and stuff. So I decided... It's really soft, and they use it in baby lotions, and so I put it on my nose, on the end of my nose. It actually made me sneeze! Not only did it make me sneeze, it made me really blow! So all of a sudden, I started going, [sniff] "Oh my gosh! I can breathe!" And that's lasted for about an hour and I'm not sure if it's going to last much longer. But there's not really a limit on how much I can use macadamia nut oil, so I might have found my solution.

So I'm thinking about a nap. I'm getting kind of tired of being on the naps kick, but if I can breathe, it might actually be a good nap. When I wake up, I have some cleaning I need to do, so it'll probably be time for the macadamia nut oil again. I have some cleaning to do, and I think I want to make like a nose lotion.This kind of opens up some possibilities. There's some stuff I can actually mix up and put on the end of my nose that might work better than the Afren. So I'll post about how that works.

Tonight will be grocery night, and, uh, there's really not much else going on. At some point I hope to have a lot more energy than I do right now for writing. I don't really have much energy for ANYTHING as Alexis can attest, and she's probably bored out of her mind. I don't know... Am I boring you to tears? She's laughing. That's a bad sign. That's a really bad sign when your roommate laughs if you ask if you're boring her.

Um, it's been very hot here. Monday it was like 90-ish. Yesterday it was down to 84, and we thought it was really cool. We actually turned the air off some of the day. Um, today it's supposed to only get to 82. Woo hoo! And it's gonna thunder-storm at some point, although it doesn't seem stormy right now. It actually seems rather nice. So that's what life is like in 3kitties' land. Now if the pound key works... What...? You are not getting rid of my cats. I'm gonna have to sick all of you on her journal because she keeps telling me she's going to make me get rid of my cats. That would just cause a major breakdown in 3kitties, and we don't want that. So, uh, you can leave her nasty comments on my journal. Uh, anyway... [Alexis is heard in the background.] I am going to ignore these evil cat comments and try to press the pound key, and, um, we'll see how many times I have to push the pound key before this thing actually posts. The first time I tried making this thing, I had to press the pound key about five times. The second time I only had to press it twice.So, maybe this time, uh, it will actually work. We'll see. [presses key] Nope. No such luck. I'm still here. I should talk a little more. [laughs] But I'm tired of talking. [presses key] I'm still here. That's the second time I have pressed the pound key. [end]

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