Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

the evening nose update and a sample of the good voice

This is a text update to go with the voice post. At the moment, my nose is relatively clear. We'll see if it stays that way overnight. Tonight I used the last dose of Afren for a while, and I'm kind of afraid that's what has been giving me these good spurts.

I'm a bit concerned that I've taken over a week to notice much improvement from taking the Amoxicillin. I made an appointment with the new apinternist for June 9--Medicaid finally changed my PMP, so I really will be able to see her this time. We'll talk about options for handling my frequent infections then as well as all my new patient stuff. I see the ENT on June 15... I have a hunch that I'm headed for another course of Augmentin. At this point, I don't mind. Whatever gives me back my voice, I'll take it. I'm tired of being fatigued all the time and sounding worse than I did before surgery.

If you've been praying, please keep it up! I do seem to have my voice at the moment, as you'll see in the phone post. I'm going to try to sleep and see what the morning holds. My throat is extremely sore from the saline spray, but right now I need it because the stuff in my nose is so thick. I didn't have enough energy today to clean the kitchen and make my nose salve/lotion. Maybe tomorrow...

Here's my voice tonight...

691K 3:39
(no transcription available)

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