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update and thoughts about my nose

Of course, my nose is the topic du jour. I really do have it in me to talk about more interesting things. It's just a bit challenging when I live with this thing on my face bugging me constantly. I'll work on it soon!

I'm going to get to a general update momentarily; but first I want to revisit the discussion of my turbinates.

The turbinates ... especially enlarge
with a cold or infection because blood is coming to the area to fight infection. ...

My ENT told me in the office that he was giving me Augmentin. When Mom brought the bottle home, it was Amoxicillin. There is a vast difference between the two. Augmentin is an extremely potent antibiotic: it took 12 pounds off me in two weeks in February but managed to keep me free until my surgery in April. This is significant since I had been contracting disabling respiratory infections every month since October.

I finish the Amoxicillin tomorrow. There is not so much junk in my nose, but what still seems to have the tendency toward infection. It's very difficult to blow out, and I can tell that the turbinates are still somewhat swollen although there is some improvement.

I don't feel at peace at all about having another surgery as I did about having the polyp surgery or my eye surgeries. In fact, I feel that having turbinate surgery would be the wrong thing to do. It's just an intuitive thing. I was doing so well after the polyp surgery! If I really had a problem with the turbinates, I think it would have surfaced previously... He would have seen it with the polyps and discussed it with me already. He seems to be a sharp doctor.

So why are my turbinates still swollen? I'm not exposed to significant allergens that are abnormal right now. The only answer seems to be that the Amoxicillin wasn't strong enough.

So I have a few options for taking care of this problem. I can call and ask for the Augmentin. I can pray and go on megadoses of vitamins like I did when I lived in Florida and had no insurance, which actually was good for me and kept me free of infections for three years. The infections actually started again a month after I stopped the vitamins last fall for my five-day EEG testing. I can dose up with echinacea, which sometimes does the trick but may not with a severe infection like this. I can bring on the essential oils, which may do the trick (more likely than the echinacea). Or I can do a combination of the above... I've already got the prayer chains going, and I suspect that's why I am breathing and up and around. I don't really give Amoxicillin any credit at all. It took six days on it before I noticed any difference and seven before I was able to be up all day.

Now how am I doing today...?

I was up at 7:30 and did a bit of cleaning. Actually, I've done quite a lot of cleaning today: deep cleaning because my small group is meeting here tomorrow. J brought C and another little girl over for about an hour, and we socialized and had a big time and then went out and picked up my meds and some chocolate shakes. It's pretty hot and humid outside, and going out really sapped my strength. I did a bit more cleaning and then took a good nap this afternoon, and I'm ready to hit the cleaning again.

I'm fairly pleased with how I'm doing considering the difficulty I seem to be having coming back from this minor cold. I'm angry that I still can't have a two-day cold without it turning into a major infection, and I don't understand what's up with that or how to prevent it. This is something I really need to discuss either with the ENT or the internist. I thought the polyps were behind the problem; but apparently not. Then again, maybe it's two early to tell. For all I know, I picked up some bacteria somewhere or my nose got infected by some fluke thing. He was working pretty far up in there. So perhaps I should suspend my judgment about the two-day cold thing for a few months.

I'm obviously feeling somewhat better: I can think clearly enough to lay out all this stuff. I do like that.


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