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SeMagic is wonderful!

I am very impressed!

I just downloaded and installed SeMagic 1.5.85. This is a big deal for me: I have been using 1.4.36 for a LONG time. There is a reason: I am visually impaired and use a program called JAWS which provides spoken output of the text on the screen in order to access the computer, and I was afraid the new versions of the program would not be accessible. I figured, why fix what ain't broke?

I usually don't read the pop-up screens that prompt me to download the new version of SeMagic. I happened to do it this time, and it seems there are some folks doing some advocacy. Whoever you are, thank you for getting out there--and thanks to the SeMagic folks for listening. It does matter on both sides. I can't tell you how happy I was to see the following in the pop-up window:

Latest version: 851  Release info:<<
21 May 2006
· Fixed some more random crashes.<<
9 Apr 2006
· Fixed music detection with Foobar 0.9, upload to photobucket and tinypic,
random crashes with IE 7, with JAWS installed, during posting from queue,
during loading of friends, during spellchecking.
· Music detection for non-lj accounts (via corresponding macro).
· Posting to xanga (only login and posting).
· Configurable ping URL.<<
· Upload to Photobucket, Imageshack, Tinypic, Flickr
· Pasting images directly from clipboard (screenshots etc.)
· Userpic is moved from separate window to main post options.

And the following comes from the help that comes up the first time I run the client after installing:


·	Macro to add links to the menu.
·	Fixed some more crashes<<

·	Fixed music detection with Foobar 0.9, upload to photobucket and tinypic, multiple categories with WP.
·	Fixed, various crashes with IE 7, with JAWS installed, during posting from queue, loading friends, during spellchecking.
·	Music detection for non-lj accounts (via corresponding macro).
·	Configurable ping URL.
·	Current location field in post options.
·	Posting to (only login and posting).

·	Posting and image upload to

Note: upload to photobucket was fixed for the 3rd time due to constant changes in their web page layout. If it stops working that means that the web page changed again.<<

·	Upload to,,

(first login via IE, for Imageshack and Tinypic registration is not required).

·	Tags and picture sizes for Flickr.
·	Pasting images directly from clipboard (screenshots etc.)<<

·	New LJ user URLs.
·	Upload to Flickr

(you need to login to via IE and select Flickr as server type in Journal/Pictures in Semagic).<<

·	MetaWeblog date is sent in GMT.
·	Option to paste HTML as text (escaped).
·	Music detection with ttplayer.
·	Userpic is moved from separate window to main post options.<<

·	MT post options.
·	Atomic LJ-cut and poll tags.
·	Fixed spellchecker for non-admin accounts.
·	KOI8-U in Myspell.
·	Option to open web links in non-default browser.
·	For Metaweblog API: picture upload (Journal/Upload),1251 codepage(in server settings), MSN Spaces support.
·	Size detection when inserting images.<<

·	LJ poll creator (Links/Create poll).
·	Update of tags from server (new tags are added to the taglist.txt file, to remove them edit the file manually).
·	Filename can be used instead of macro text.<<

·	Tags are enabled for GJ.
·	Metaweblog API for WP.
·	Fixed random crashes on 2000.<<

·	To store tags in lowercase create taglist_lower.txt, for uppercase create taglist_upper.txt. Default taglist.txt is used if both do not exist.
·	Fixed login in 9x version.<<

·	Auto spellchecking was broken in the previous release for those who used Russian dictionary in KOI-8.
·	Option to prompt before posting to a community.
·	Draft entries for Blogger.
·	User dictionary has .txt extension (not to mix with main .dic files).
·	Undo stops auto correction for undone word.
·	Per-user LJ tags.<<

·	Tag list
·	Birthday reminders can be limited to "birthdays" friend group.<<

·	Auto correction dictionary.
·	Music detection with JetAudio.
·	Technorati pings.
·	History dialog is modeless.
·	Auto spellchecker skips codepages for not installed dictionaries (CJK etc.)<<

·	Friends page is displayed another 10 times faster.
·	Holding Ctrl during fast user switching does not change window size and position.
·	IE menu extension to open comments or paste links and text (turned on in Options/Web).
·	Music detection with MediaMonkey.
·	Tab order customization dialog in Options/View.<<

·	Auto spellchecker is 10 times faster for long entires, auto correction of 2 caps
·	Utx support (always on).
·	Entry tags (keywords), works only for
·	Separate font selection via Format and View menus.<<

·	Fixed broken history via Atom after recent update at blogger.
·	Spellchecking of support request forms.
·	Auto spellchecker skips http, https, ftp, ed2k links.<<

·	Faster highlighting of comments, in HTML editor
·	Highlighting in quick reply forms.
·	[lj-paste-comment] macro.
·	Fixed multiple selection in groups.<<

·	Friends list is displayed at least 10 times faster.
·	[lj-user-paste] macro, also LJ URLs can be pasted directly to Add Friend...
·	Fixed multiple selection in groups.<<

·	Fixed default security and load draft prompt when set to minimize on start.<<

·	Optional Mozilla control in Web view tab.
·	Fast user switching (must be explicitly turned on).
·	Links to last posted and edited entry in the toolbar.<<

·	Additional Web view tab for comments (see Options/Web).
·	Load/save of text files, also from command line (UTF-8).
·	Fixed incorrectly restored toolbars for low screen resolutions.<<

·	Atom support (login, post, edit, history; queued entries, edit last posted entry).
·	Web view tab with auto spellchecking (highlighting) of comments.
·	User name may be different from profile name allowing to work with several sites with the same username.
·	Per-user toolbar window positions, F11 quickly toggles post options and picture toolbar.
·	Prompt to copy URLs to clipboard in FB client on close.
·	Preview template name in Options.

·	All other reported errors/suggestions were fixed.<<

·	Auto spellchecking for HTML mode in main window and history.
·	Per-user server settings.
·	"Paste as text" in context menu.
·	Music detection for LAUNCHcast (web player), Foobar2000 with ColumnsUI, loading title from text file.
·	 in preview.<<

·	Manual Spellchecker skips HTML tags and URLs in text, auto spellchecker does not underline current word.
·	Option to keep last save folder.
·	Fixed updating of picture keywords.<<

·	Fixed auto spellchecking with tables, UTF8 with Xmplay 3.1, friends name change notifications, FB port number with urlmon.<<

·	FB client (note that FB at LJ is available only for paid users).
·	Auto spellchecking (for WYSIWYG editor).
·	Changed proxy authentication behavior (including NTLM and authentication for IE proxy).
·	Duplicated and opposite friend groups (in context menu in friends dialog).
·	Option to auto hide post options when switching to wysiwyg mode (in Options/View, manually via F11).
·	Auto security selection based on keywords in the entry (Options/History)

·	Removed false error messages from spellchecker using MS Word.
·	Fixed disappearing linebreaks in queued entries, Tab in MakeLink.<<

·	Help topic for WYSIWYG editor (via Help/Contents).
·	Context menus in richedit controls.
·	Autoreplace in web menus, before spellcheck and can be loaded from text file.
·	Editor and userpic window show cached pictures when disconnected without offline mode.
·	Base font setting for wysiwyg editor.
·	Improved month view in history.
·	Word count (in the status bar during preview and load in wysiwyg mode).

·	Macros without keyboard shortcuts (i.e. only for menu).
·	[lj-time], [lj-paste] macros (current time and clipboard contents). Allows to override default Insert image format string and others that use clipboard contents (see help for macro dialog).
·	Separate autosaved and manually saved drafts (enabled in Options/General).
·	Auto load of draft after program crash.
·	Fixed spellchecker, birthday reminders, html macros, posting comments, clickable pictures, creation of friends groups.

·	Visualized user tags.
·	Manual editing of user dictionary.
·	Ctrl+Y assigned to redo, Ctrl+Shift+Y to ordered list.
·	Posting queue.<<

·	Russian resource dll (loaded automatically for Russian MUI or system default language, loaded manually via Vew/Language menu).
·	Tahoma is default font in edit controls for new users and for all dialogs (to allow Russian UI on English-default 2k/XP)
·	Friends page URL is modified in Options/Friends.
·	Fixed spellchecker, lj tags, balloons, ms agent, custom friends colors, itunes format string, cookies.<<

·	Options for Enter to type 
instead of

and to remove   · Music detection with iTunes without plugins (iTunes >= 4.5) (must be explicitly turned on; turn off if the client will freeze during detection). · Autoreplace list · Holding Shift during click on Edit last entry inserts whole entry into the main window. · Dictionaries for spellchecker are specified only via Options. · Fixed XP menu highlighting on 9x, birthday reminder for deleted friends, macros in dialogs.<< · Wysiwyg tables (to edit its properties right click on table selected as object or add new row or column, right-click inside cell to edit cell). · Fixed font size in wysiwyg mode. · Macro dropdown menu.<< · WYSIWYG editor · Improved console, authentication with cookies, spellchecker.<< · Fixed UTF8 related display bugs in 9x version. · Ctrl-tab indents text (see "Replace with  " option) · .png userpics do not invoke download window.<< · Improved editing in main window (disabled auto word selection, F12 toggles RichEdit20W/ RichEdit20A window class to use with custom keyboard layouts, [lj00] macro). · In 9x version: full Unicode support for Current Mood field and Global IME (only for 98, ME). Requires RichEdit 3.0. · Custom mood file contains codepage (for ex., Russian mood list can be loaded on English locale). · Music detection with QCD · Dictionary file names are specified from dialog in Options (press ... button). · XP menu style can be turned off in Options/View or via F10 key.<< · Music detection with iTunes (additional plugin required, activate in Options/Music to get a link) · Option to paste/drop text/pictures as html (from IE, enable in Options/View). · XP style menu. · Banned users tab in friends (activate in Options/Friends) (is based on a new console command ban_list) · Syndicated accounts’ icons in friends · Changed the way of time display. Some users reported it to be in GMT after recent change to daylight saving time. Do report if you did not have problems before but now the time is wrong.<< · Fixed some Decoding errors with Japanese (on login or viewing friends) If you get that error (especially with Japanese, Chinese or Korean) with full Unicode version (for2k) set either CP_UTF8 option in Options/Advanced or in Connections settings in Login dialog or codepage to 1252. (with CP_UTF8 leave default zero codepage) · Music detection with xmplay now should be explicitly turned on (Options/Music, to prevent freezing on some computers without that player). · Improved addition to friend groups (you can add to several groups at once, click on friend name) You should remember that saved friends state is in the first place for offline viewing so always update it from server to the most recent version before doing any edit operation with friend groups.<< · Urlmoniker option is available from the menu in login dialog. Enable it if you have connection problems especially with XP SP2. · Fixed Invalid UTF stream error on Japanese windows Special thanks to _cheiron_ and tithonus for testing. · Fixed mood id in Edit Entry.<< · Security check does not reload entire entry, works with communities.<< · Fixed find/replace in unicode, linebreaks, screening in Edit Entry. · Option to double check security of protected entries (options/view, read help). · Code page is saved with entry (to work with single-byte and UTF-8 files in 9x version) Note that preview, userpic window and full Unicode support for 9x require at least IE 4, better 5.5.<< · Fixed saving/loading of files (saved with · More Unicode support in 9x version (read help for CP_UTF8). (it’s UTF-8 internally, not UTF-16 like version for 2k).<< · Fixed non-unicode pasting. · Userpic window (click on its header to toggle docking and move to another place. To display picture being offline you need to have it in IE cache and select Work Offline). · Per-entry comments screening. If you get Unknown metadata error: opt-screening that means that this option is not enabled yet at LJ (so use journal default).<< · Navigation in friends list with letter keys. · Fixed typos, memory leaks etc. · Option to display last today’s entry (Options/Advanced). · Explicit default font settings for new users. · RichEdit20W window class changed to RichEdit20A (to avoid some strange editing behavior at some computers) · Option to post to a community not being a member of it (the community should allow it; right click on journal) · Changed replacement with  . · Option to auto rotate userpics. · Composing comments in the client (see Posting comments help topic in contents). · Better accessibility in history. · Web link to last posted entry (in Web menu; use to check if it was really posted when the main journal page may update with a delay).<< · Changed cookie auth (due to protocol changes). · Display of purged accounts in friends. · Insert table in format menu (use on previously selected multiline text separated by spaces, Undo works). · Removal of ?mode=reply also works with links with style=mine. · New URL to OpenOffice site. · Fixed non-Unicode pasting to history item window and font color settings. · Debug option allows to save raw requests (to solve Invalid UTF stream errors). If you get "Invalid password" with auth via IE cookies that means that you either did not log in via IE or did but for other account (or that this feature in not available for the site). << · Authentication with IE cookies (you have to be permanently logged in via IE and have URLMon enabled.) · Find, Replace, Redo for richedit 2.0 · Changed synchronization for auto login. · Draft auto save no longer saves unmodified entries.<< · Friend selection menu at format toolbar. · Shift-tab support. · Fixed autoupdate for custom moods, makelink and replace with newlines.<< · Custom mood list and tab order (loaded from manually edited .ini files. Read comments in those files.). · More secure challenge/response authentication. · Some small fixes (misaligned controls, typos etc.). · Option to replace two spaces with    and remove ?mode=reply (enable in Options/View) · Symbols count (after pressing Preview, only for main text). · CP_UTF8 option (see help in Options/General, for 2000/XP, activate if you get decoding errors. Please report if this helped or not). · Autorun parameter in Options (now you may remove shortcut from Startup group). · Installer with higher compression ratio (thanks to the latest NSIS) · Enabled RichEdit 2.0 (with clickable URL links)<< · Help contents. · Fixed uninstall script. · Suspended and deleted accounts in friends are marked separately. · Mouse right click in tray menu (acts like left). · Fixed editing of past entries with only mood id defined. · Fixed save with ? \/<>*| chars in subject. · Fixed error handling and display of messages with urlmon. · Removed "No Updates" message with silent checked. · Fixed crash on pasting to subject from context menu.<< · Option to post with mood icon and custom text (enable in Options/General, see help). · Music detection in Foobar2000. · Fixed some edit operations with >2-byte languages. · Fixed resizing of console window.<< · Restored RichEdit controls with correct pasting in Unicode.<< · URLMoniker interface (try in Options/General). · Timezone adjustment (options/general, see help). · Console command (accessible via links and tray menu) · MRU file list in file dialog. · Tomorrow’s birthdays notifications. · Spellcheck in Edit entry dialog. · Saved user names in Make Link dialog. · Update check. · Help buttons. · Web links in Make link dialog and Links menu now use server name. · Web menu uses current journal name. · Fixed memory leak viewing offline friends. · Fixed random crash on start for new install. · Fixed replace when selection contained exclamation sign. · Removed some messages to save entry if it was not changed. · Option to fix wrong lastupdate value in checkfriends. Rebuilt without size optimizations (like original · Minor display bugs fixed. · Friend selection menu in Make link dialog. · Fixed incorrect Add/Replace in spellchecker. · Option to save raw server replies.<< · Built-in spellchecker Enable in options/general, on the first run it will prompt for dictionaries and open download page. Download .zip for your language with .dic and .aff files in it (for example en_US for English, ru_RU for Russian etc.) and unzip into Semagic folder. Also see myspell.ini for more info. · Sorting of items in history dialog. · Options to see last N entries and current month. · Date toolbar is initially visible for new users. · Option to specify code page (works only for 9x). · Option to change network timeout. · Fixed bug with preformatted preview in history. · Title parameter in MakeLink dialog. · Birthday popup on start (without opening of friends dialog). · Advanced tab support (cycles through all controls, enable in options/view). · Option to disable popups when friend deletes journal or changes name. · Option to display old (from help window (enable in option/view) · Login window is not showed minimized after logout (for 9x). << · Minor spelling and design changes for history and friends dialog. · Community name field in the preview. · Help topics for macro dialog. << · Option to view all entries for the month in history · Font name (in html tags) may be changed (view/font, but only if text is selected). · Help on error messages. << · Fixed bug with unsupported language in help file. · Help topic about music detection and supported players. · Minor spelling and design fixes. << · Auto spell check is disabled after every unsuccessful attempt (to stop confusing "Server busy" message). · Option to specify draft folder. · Option to automatically save posted entry. · Better connection error recovery in history. · Fixed bug when posting entry from file with itemid. · Option to export/change security for only selected month. · Installer windows version check. << · Option to hide username in login dropdown list (options/general). · Fixed bug with friend removal notifications. · Security change of all entries is initially hidden (to enable check options/general). · Install types in the installer. · Folder selection dialog to save entries. · Changed synchronization during save/change of security. << · Option to specify day sorting direction when exporting entries or changing security. · Poster name in the history dialog (for communities). · Last access time and number of views in the secret love list. · Symbols <> are stripped from titles (during generation of index file) to avoid interference with html tags. << · Fixed bug in multiple friend removal notification. · Additional menu for checkfriends notifications (made by lj-user ifyr). · Option for tray icon to just highlight but not blink (used in check friends). · Save HTML in history context menu. << · Fixed offline community counter, wrong itemids in history context menu. · Added context menu for all friend dialog pages. · More items in web menu. · Modern installer UI. · Preview template format and name changed. · Item id may be saved with entry to restore its state (saved only during mass security change). << · Fixed bug with crash when switching between offline free and online paid account. · Added items to web menu. · Added ability to delete friend history items · Always offline friend viewing option (in options/friends). · Added context menu in the history dialog to allow read comments not loading the whole entry. · Added context menu in friends dialog. << 1.3.1 · Font size may be changed (to enable uncheck in the options/view). · Column widths in the friends dialog are saved. (especially useful if font size has changed) · More help topics. · Status bar text for web menu with URLs. · Additional web menu (besides the one received from server). · Friends birthdays display and notification if user has changed birthday or is celebrating birthday today. · Prompt whether to use local friends if that was used last time and to switch online. 1.3.1 << 1.3 · Added notification about change of the friend’s name. · Added context help (.hlp) to some of the dialogs and controls, especially of those which are new in version 1.3. To enable press F1 when the control/dialog has focus. Also previous keyboard help is disabled (to view keyboard shortcuts from the previous version press F1 when the main window has input focus or via help menu) · Added change log popup which is displayed only when the program runs for the first time. · Added item extra meta data in the history dialog with last revision time, revision number, screened comments and last time when comments altered. · Added friend type column in friends dialog (if it’s a community). 1.3 << · All info that is received from the server during login operation (friend groups, picture keywords and urls, web menu) as well as friends state is now saved to the registry and is available in just_edit mode. That means that all operations previously disabled in just_edit like posting, viewing friends and history are now available and may be used without the requirement to login every time the program starts. To update all info you have to re-login ( friends’ state is also updated in just_edit). · Added friends changes history and friends changes notification popups which may be enabled in options/friends menu. · Added remove all and restore all friends features. · Added "secret love" list especially for those girls who don’t want to let to know (adding them to their friends) to certain users that they are being read. · Added xmplay support (by Anatoliy Samara). · Changed preview template name, format and placement on temporary files (to the system temporary directory). · Fixed bugs with friends viewing (program stops if friends button is pressed under xp and only user rights), auto update time is not automatically enabled after posting or loading from file if it was previously disabled. · Readme and GPL files are now inserted into .exe file and have associated buttons in the About dialog. · Added work_offline menu command. · Remove friend button now asks confirmation and checks the operation to be completed. · New URL format in the history dialog menu to view comments or copy to clipboard. · Friends page sort order and direction is automatically saved and restored. lj-user quirrc

If you are unfamiliar with Semagic or with what an LJ client is, please do visit the ljwin32_sema journal.


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