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notes from a sermon by Pastor D. on mental wellness

Stressors are things which cause discomfort or upset one's routine. The prescription for inner wellness is in Phil. 4:4-10.

There are six steps to inner wellness.

1. Rejoice in the Lord always, regardless of the circumstances. Joy is not in circumstances but in God. Joy is necessary for handling stress.

2. Let gentleness be known to everyone. Love your neighbor as yourself. Use fairness, justice, and reasonableness. The Lord is near. We demonstrate this by using gentleness.

3. Do not worry. Worrying takes things out of God's hands and prevents Him from working. It also keeps people from being who they should be.

4. By prayer and petition with thanksgiving make your requests known to God. People pray most when they can't make it. We sometimes shut out God's blessings because we do not offer up our worries. God loves us more than we love ourselves, and he has enough *wisdom* and *power* to solve anything. Example: Peter could walk on the water until he worried about the waves; at that point he started to sink.

5. The peace of God, which passes understanding, will guard your hearts and minds. It comes through prayer and faith.

6. Use positive thinking. Most negative thoughts are nothing. Think positive thoughts long enough, and they will become a part of life. Our thinking determines our actions. Stress does not have to control our lives.

My note: I make lists of positive things to think about and review them when I am having trouble thinking positively.

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