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church notes: God's master game plan

Leadership builds leadership. (Acts 6 and Eph. 4:11-12)

The job is to equip the saints. The church needs lay ministry. Churches and denominations expect the pastor to do all the work, but people get excited when they are involved.

If the church was a football team, the coach would be playing alone. Reasons: "We're not experienced. He's trained, and he gets paid. We might get hurt." The coach would be killed by the other team. Acts 6 shows what happens.

  1. Pastor can't keep up with the needs.

  2. Congregation came together to discuss the needs.

  3. Needs force pastors to list priorities.

  4. Ministry is shared with spiritually qualified members with good reputations and who are spirit-filled and full of faith.

Christ is the head, not the whole body. We need to follow through while He is in control.

The players get on the field and stay in the huddle. "Oh, that was a great sermon! Let me hear it again! I need to take notes! Let me hear another!" We especially like the second coming stories.

We like to read books. God is the author and life is the book. It isn't that He has some book sitting up there. We get our names written in the book by doing the things God created us to do. When we do otherwise, the book never gets written.

We are educated beyond our level of obedience. We grow spiritually through the Word, fellowship, and ministry. Ministry without the Word makes us starved, and the Word without ministry makes us stuffed ("puffed up").

The team is arguing. We don't like what God wants us to do, and we want recognition.

Leaders must be credible, encouraging, confident, good communicators, successful in the past, and anointed. The leader should be someone others will follow. There must also be a causeworth fighting for and an understanding that everyone is needed.

The team is not equipped. Getting equipped is our responsibility.

The pastor and the church members must confess their wrongs.

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