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frustration about blindness

Someone just came to pet Elli--our statistics class is taking a break. I love Elli, and sometimes she's a good conversation starter. But sometimes part of me wishes I had never gotten her. I'm so tired of people always looking at Elli, talking about Elli, looking at me, thinking I'm so amazing. I'll probably resent my baby for the same reason. I'm something (someone) to be looked at, never touched or loved. Just looked at and talked about. Just an inspiration. Never close enough to be a friend.

I am a whole person. I have a dog, use a computer that talks, write music, know some things about cats, am married, am a psychology major, love God and believe that He is going to heal me, like kids, like to swim, like to read, like to sing, and like to cook. Overemphasis on any of these things makes me extremely uncomfortable. I love working with the worship team at church, but I have no place in the fellowship.


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