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thoughts about driving

The cab driver who took me to school this morning asked if I ever wanted to drive. I said yes because I do. I'd love to be able to drive, just for the simple reason that I could take myself places and if I was late it would be my own fault. He asked if I had ever gotten to drive in a parking lot. I know in the movies and for some blind people that is a big deal, and I wish I could say how mad it makes me. Do they really think that driving itself is a big thrill? It's fake, and driving is something I could care less about. I don't want to just play at some driving game. Driving is about independence, and for me to drive in some parking lot is like mocking my need for independence. It would be ok for me to play at independence, but I could never be able to meet those needs I have.

I wonder how much of my life people can giggle at, think it's so neat that I can pretend to be independent. How many superman blind people will they put in the movies to let people think this kind of mocking is fun for us? How many more hours of rehab teaching will it take for us to become good enough to meet our needs just in daily life? Do they really think that the limited selection of abridged books on tape at Hastings is enough to keep us busy so they don't have to help?


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