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frustration with new equipment purchase

I feel really dumb or something. I just spent all this money on new musical equipment, and the most expensive piece of it is too visual for me to use. I didn't know it would be that way when I bought it. I've spent the afternoon trying to learn how to use it, and it just isn't going to work. My parents have made a big deal about how I should sell some of my songs. I've never wanted to do that. I've always wanted to sing them myself. So many of them are very biographical in nature. They talk about my personal relationship with God and things that I have learned. I think my family has always thought that my blindness is a hindrance to good stage presence, and they have always emphasized their interest in my writing over my singing. No, I am not Sandi Patti. But I have never wanted to be. I do want to sing.

I know this is rambly and maybe doesn't make much sense. I think I just wanted to get it out. I am hurt because I'm so left behind the times in technology.


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