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trying to get settled in with Medicaid

Today I went to the Medicaid office, among other things. Going to the Medicaid place was a riot. The lady kept asking if I had closed out my Texas Medicaid. She didn't seem to understand that it was closed automatically by the SSI people because I didn't live there any more. Then came the funny part. She started saying that I could apply for Medicaid Disability which takes 90 to 120 days. Then she asked, "Are you blind or something?" I had to try really hard not to crack up. I'm only sitting there with my glasses ten times the size of someone else's. "Well," she says, "you could apply for Medicaid Blind, and if you're blind enough it's much faster." She kept on emphasizing that if I was blind enough thing.

The Medicaid lady gave me a number to this place that helps with medical treatment while you're waiting for your Medicaid. I called, and they wanted to base it on my parents' income since I'm living with my parents. Never mind that I pay my parents rent. I didn't ask if they'd do the same thing if I was living with a roommate. It amazes me the way people assume I have it made because I live with my parents. The lady at the place was so rude when I called. I finally just told her I didn't need their services and hung up. I found out later that the hospital has a walk-in clinic and a visit costs $51. I'll just go there if I need a doctor that bad. I've had chronic bronchitis in the past, and I'm worried about this cold. I'm much better than I was, but it's not letting go yet. But it's not worth getting treated like a little child to get one visit to a doctor. None of the follow-ups would have been covered by the temporary help place.


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