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what God says to me

Can't you see? When you're hurting and you think you can't go on, I want to work my miracles in you. Don't be ashamed of yourself for not meeting up with my standards or for not being perfect! Boast in these things; for it is there that my strength is displayed! Oh, how I want to work my miracles in your life! Oh, won't you ask me to heal your heart and your broken spirit as fervently as you ask me to heal your body? I allowed you to suffer so that I could show you how very much I love you by healing your heart and spirit. I allow you to walk away so that I could show you how much I love you by welcoming you home. Oh, if only you would stop relying on yourself and rely on me! I will make you whole. I will fill the empty places in your heart. I will carry you through the darkness. I will raise you up out of this valley. I will restore you to a place of integrity. Then no longer will people think you irresponsible and immature, but they will marvel at what I have done with you because you trusted me. Then you will use your music to glorify me and to bring my love to others. Then you will raise up children to worship me and whom I will bless with prophesies, dreams, and visions.


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