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moved into the new house

We are finally in the new house, and my room is not really done being set up yet. I have phone line strung across the hall from Mom and Dad's room because there is no phone jack in here. My line is ready, but I won't be able to use it until Dad puts the jack in.

The new house is really nice and cheerful. There are lots of windows, which I think is just fantastic. There are no overhead lights in the bedrooms, so we're using lamps. The central air is about the greatest thing in the world. I'm sure I will be much healthier now that I don't live in such a hot, humid environment.

I got pretty upset on Sunday because I thought I had lost my glasses. I was having a very hard time navigating the new house. There is a fireplace which is accessible from the living room and dining room, and it has a rounded hearth. Without my glasses my distance judgment is way off. I can't tell you how many times I've scratched my knees on it!

The move weekend was quite entertaining, to say the least. It's one of those weekends you have to laugh about or else it makes you crazy. On Friday Mom discovered that someone had stolen her brand-new license plate. Yesterday Dad parked his car in the street so the movers could drive the truck up in the driveway. One of the neighbors was backing out and trying to leave room for another driver who was driving in. He slammed right into my dad's car. Just prior to this, my parents and my uncle had gone outside and watched the beginnings of a tornado developing right over our house. We ended up not having a tornado, but there were some pretty severe lightning that sounded like something had been struck.

Inca, the famous escaping cat, also discovered the joys of playing in the crawl space under the house. Dad was under there hooking up some wiring and had left the trap door open. My kitty whose coat has been so beautiful because she's been kept inside was covered with spider webs when she came back into the house. It was actually a very funny thing, and she had herself a bit of fun without scaring us or getting hurt.


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