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thoughts on addictions

Today I read a little bit out of a book called "Addiction and Grace". I've never really thought about the actual concept of addiction with any amount of objectivity. I have always thought of it as a sort of stereotype, and a negative one at that. People who are addicted have problems, are "less healthy" than the "normal" person. But reading just this little bit gives me some food for thought. Addiction is the process of creating a habit out of something which gives pleasure. It is normally thought of as a negative thing, such as addiction to drugs, alcohol, unhealthy relationships, etc. I now understand why people use the phrase "addicted to Jesus".

The addiction process is described on page 56 as a process of forming an attachment to something that makes us feel pleasure. We form attachments all the time: attachments to parents, friends, people who influence us in positive ways. Sometimes we call these attachments "love". Sometimes we call them "friendship".

We also form attachments to objects and activities. We call these attachments things like "favorite colors," "favorite foods,""hobbies," "Routines"... These attachments are things we view as positives. We call our negative attachments things like "obsessions," "bad habits," "addictions"... But what is it that makes them "bad" or negative?

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