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I'll be taking the final for one of my classes tomorrow, and that is going to feel real good. I'll have until the end of September to finish the other one, and I think that is possible. Then I'll be able to consider myself graduated. I won't have any more work to do and will just have to wait for the paperwork to go through. On Sept. 25, I'll be going to New Jersey to get a new Seeing Eye dog, and I think that is a step I need to take before I go job hunting again. My first dog turns 10 on Sept. 20 and will remainhere in the house with my parents. I'll still be here with the new dog for however long it takes for me to get to the point of being ready to move out. I'm not going to say get a job because I have no idea what is going to be in store after I come back with the new dog. It might be self-employment. I'd actually enjoy that.


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