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God understands me

I have a lot of favorite verses, but a couple come to mind right now. One that I remember a lot when I'm feeling particularly alone says, "He was despised and rejected and acquainted with grief". I can't remember if that is the exact wording or where it is. I just remember it because of singing it in "Messiah". When I think about the life of Jesus and how much people probably laughed at him and how church people tried to trick him so they could disprove what he said, it amazes me. He was accused of being demon possessed, but if anyone knew what a demon was it would have been him.

The other thing that came to me is that Jesus felt what it was like for God to actually turn His face away. None of us will ever be out of the care or the sight of God. At least, that is my belief. We're all still going to have hard times in life. I don't understand why, but I know that we are never left during those times. There have been so many times when I lost my support system. I didn't always recognize when God was providing for my needs, but He always has. I suppose some people would say this just has to do with my attitude. Maybe it does, but I don't figure this attitude can hurt anything.


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