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last-minute frustration

Well, today's been one of those days that I'm having to work hard to see the good in. I slept good last night after getting most of my clothes packed. That helped a lot--at least I wouldn't be folding laundry till the cows come home today! But I discovered that I downloaded my professor's signature file instead of the attached exam. How I did this is hard to explain, so I won't try. We'll just leave it at I had no exam because I had deleted the message thinking I had downloaded the exam. I'll learn next time. Wait! There may not be a next time unless and until I go to grad school. Anyway. I flipped out. My deadline to finish is next Thursday or Friday or something, but I'm leaving tomorrow for the Seeing Eye. Soooooo...

First thing I did was bawl. What was I supposed to do NOW????? While I'm bawling, the phone rings. This had better be real good! It's the eye center. They are picking up my glasses and I can have them if I pick them up by 4:30. No way can I get there. Duh. I don't drive, and it's an hour or more drive anyway. Mom says: "I can't take off work all the time." (She took off yesterday to take me to the doctor to get these oh so lovely antibiotics.) Just great. Now I see them, now I don't. I hate it when my life is like this. I wanted my glasses before I left because it was a big deal for me to be able to know what I will and won't have in terms of usable vision and how it will affect working with the dog. And here they are, and I can't have them.

I had had to quit crying to answer the phone, and while I'd been fuming over the glasses predicament I had thought that maybe if I called my prof's secretary she could find my exam and resend it or take it down to my mom. (Such perks having your mom work at the university!) My prof is out of town until Monday. Well, the secretary couldn't find it, but she promised to keep trying and to try to get hold of him and get it to Mom before 5:00.

Meanwhile, Mom's gotten on the phone and arranged to have my glasses shipped to Seeing Eye. They may not be adjusted just so,but I'll have them and might be able to arrange a trip to Lens Crafter or something. Then again, God is a real good lens crafter and maybe they'll magically fit my head perfectly.

The secretary just called a little while ago and said that she found the exam and was taking it down to Mom. I am foregoing my big finished-school dinner. I can't believe I am doing that. But I just have too much to do and no time. I'll get it eventually, and maybe Dad will get some doughnuts in the morning. Today has just been crazy!


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