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thoughts on being called to the ministry

Today Pastor Lyon preached about being in the ministry. It wasn't so much the sermon as a whole that spoke to me, but it was one phrase. "There are probably some of you sitting out there that are called to be pastors." I know in my heart that a "pastor" does not always mean the man who is the primary deliverer of sermons. A pastor is a leader of people. No, that's not it either. Let's see ... back to my AU days... Equipping, encouraging ... I can't remember them all. Anyway, there are a lot of ministries that God needs people to be involved in as leaders. Once I was certain that God had called me to some ministry--at least one. And the call of the Lord is irrevocable. Or is that the gifts of the Lord? In any case, God doesn't change His purpose for my life. I am still called. Even when I am faithless, He is faithful. No, that's not what that verse means. But wherever I go, wherever I run, even be I in the belly of the whale, I am called. And God is not going to let me get away without answering that call.

I started to write this journal as a plea to God to show me what He is calling me to do and to place me where He wants me to be. I now know what it means to claim His word in my prayers. God DID tell Jonah, and then He picked Jonah out and planted him right in that place. So instead of pleading and interceding this time, I can pray an absolute prayer of faith. Thank You, Father, for being faithful, for continuing to count on me even when I did not do Your will. Thank You for reminding me of how powerful and determined You are. And thank You for the thing You will do with me, for providing for my every need and for taking me in spite of my disobedient spirit and placing me right where I need to be. Give me the wisdom to hear Your voice; for Your sheep hear Your voice and will not follow another.


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