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church trouble

I am angry. Last night at the home group, an activity was planned right in front of me. I was not included. I have satright there and said how I need opportunities to develop friendships. I have asked flat out to be invited to activities. Still, this was done right in front of me, and I was not included. Since all the people mentioned were couples, I thought that maybe it was a couples' thing, so I did not invite myself. Besides, Iwas taught that inviting myself was rude. If I asked if I could go, they might feel obligated to say yes because they know how desperate I am and don't want to hurt my feelings.

If I was to write about ministry to people with disabilities, I would emphasize the need for real, honest friendships. But there is a ton of literature out there. People just read it, and the light comes on briefly, and then it dies down once the material is no longer in front of them. They never really hear. So why should I write anything? Besides that, what could I say that hasn't already been said a hundred times?

"There is nothing new under the sun," I am reminded. If God doesn't use me, He'll use someone else. He doesn't NEED me to speak or write anything. He WANTS me to. The Word of God is always the same. The expression of that Word is an ever-changing creative act. God expressed His Word by creating all kinds of things--heaven, earth, sun, moon, stars, creatures on the earth, writing on tablets of stone, people of all kinds ... When He uses us to express His Word, He taps into our creative abilities. It is not the message--the Word--that is different. It is the creative expression of that Word which is unique to each of us, God-given, exercised, and built up by our willingness to obey Him and express the Word He speaks to us.


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